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Practice Areas

Let our firm help you with all your legal needs. We provide high quality, competent
representation for our clients throughout Oklahoma.
Criminal Law


As a former Assistant District Attorney, Josh is a seasoned criminal litigator. He uses the knowledge he gained as a prosecutor to defend you against criminal charges. Josh knows your rights and how to protect them.


DUI/DWI/APC charges can have long lasting effects on your driving privileges as well as future employment. Drug possession charges are serious. You need a qualified and competent lawyer like Josh to represent you. It can make the difference between prison time and simple probation.



Guardianships and Elder Law

​Whether you are getting your own affairs in order or  caring for a loved one, our firm can assist. We offer comprehensive estate planning, including wills & trusts, powers of attorney and advanced healthcare directives. We also offer a full range of guardianship options, for both adults or minors.


Family Law


Divorce can be a difficult and painful process so choosing the right lawyer to guide you through it is key. Whether it's an agreed or contested divorce, our firm can help you negotiate a quick and equitable dissolution of your marriage, or represent you in court to fight for what is yours. 



Personal Injury


If you have been injured in an automobile wreck, tractor accident, slip and fall, or sustained any injuries as the result of another's negligence, we can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Don't let the other party dicate your settlement. Let our experieced team take care of your needs.



Criminal Expungements

You can't change your past, but you ma be able to erase it. If you have a criminal record you'd like to get rid of, we may be able to help. Contact us for a free consultation to determine if you are eligible under Oklahoma law to have your criminal record sealed. Let us help you get a second chance.

DHS and Child Welfare

​Josh has more than 8 years experience in handling DHS and Child Welfare cases. To help you get your family back together you must act quickly to preserve your parental rights. Let Josh's experience reunite your family.

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